Versatile fields of application

The fields of application spanned by Kerb-Konus products are wide and varied. Hardly a threaded fastening exists for which one of our products could not be used.

We supply threaded inserts for metals, plastics, hardwood and plywood, for materials which may be installed via screwing, riveting or embedding. They are readily found in passenger cars, commercial vehicles and ships, as well as household appliances, cameras, computers, electrical goods and devices used in dental technology. In many cases, it is only through the use of our threaded bushings for thin-walled moldings that it is possible to achieve secure, firm screw fastenings.

The various Kerb-Konus coating systems secure screws against loosening, sealed threads and prevent the creation of unwanted deposits caused by electrophoretic priming processes or welding splashes, and also reduce the coefficient of friction occurring at the thread.

Over the sixty years which have elapsed since the foundation of our company, we have succeeded in solving countless fastening problems involving any number of different workpieces. Let us know what your fastening requirements are - we will take care of them, even if it means developing something totally new just for you.